Our organization's FIFA player Andrey "Timon" Gurev goes to Zurich, where on June 5 will try to earn the spot at FIWC Regional Final Europe.

At FIWC Regional Final Europe Timon will fight for the invite with seven more contenders: Shveicaria Sandro "Neysk11L" Poschinger (FC St. Gallen), Shveicaria Bruno "Brunisco" Bardelas (FC St. Gallen), Shveicaria Luigji "LuiPep" Pepaj (FC Luzern), Portugalia Jose "RunRun" Soares (For The Win eSports), Rossia Anton "klenoff" Klenov (FC Lokomotiv Moscow), Shveicaria Luca "Lubo" Boller (FC Basel) и Shveicaria Julian Ulrich.

Battles between FIFA players will take place in FIFA World Football Museum. Eight participants will be divided into two groups, each will play one match with each other. All the players will advance to the playoffs and the quote owner will be defined with the help of Single Elimination format. The winner will get the slot for European championship, taking place in Munich from 9 to 15 of June!

16:30 - 17:30 CEST - Group stage
18:00 CEST - Quarterfinals
18:45 CEST - Semifinals
19:30 CEST - Final