Great Britain's capital will host FIFA 17 World Championship on August 16 - 18. World's 32 best FIFA 17 players, including Gambit's Andrei "Timon" Gurev, will compete in London not only for the prestigious title, but also $268,000 prize fund. Moreover, the winner will additionally attend an annual Ballon d'Or, where the best European football player of 2017 will be crowned.

Timon secured a chance to compete at the World Championship by coming out on top twice at the local qualifier in Zürich. It allowed him to participate at European Championship in Munich, where he reigned supreme in his group once again and thus became the first Russian player over the past 7 years to qualify for the main event of the year.

Prize pool distribution:
1st place - $200,000
2nd place - $40,000
3-4 place - $5,000
5-8 place - $2,500
9-16 place - $1,000