On August 26 - 27 Gambit will take part in an Open Qualifier for ELEAGUE Premier 2017. 239 teams from Europe and CIS are competing for two spots at the tournament. To qualify for one of the biggest events of this Autumn Gambit has to win six matches in a row over the course of two days. The qualifier features notable teams, such as Space Soldiers, Vega Squadron, Heroic, FlipSid3, Red Reserve, HellRaisers, LDLC, EnVyUs, Dignitas, PENTA и BIG. 

ELEAGUE Premier 2017 runs from September 8 to October 13 in Atlanta and features $1,000,000 prize pool.

Qualifier bracket

Saturday, August 26 (BO1):
Kazakhstan Gambit [16:0] Ukraina DIVINELY-G @ de_train
Kazakhstan Gambit [16:2] Francia BOTSENT @ de_nuke
Kazakhstan Gambit [16:5] UK Team Pathless @ de_train
Kazakhstan Gambit [14:16] Polsha AGO Gaming @ de_train