Gambit performed their last match within the qualifiers for the third season of ECS League against Pride. In the confrontation our guys managed not only to show a major note but also train the maps. Both on Cache and Mirage the flow of the match was quite similar: our guys took over the initiative and Polish team attempted to come back in the second half.

The match on Cache had to be finished with our stunning victory, our first half score was 13:2, but we were to pull ourselves together at the CT side to take some more rounds, we lacked. All in all the score occurred 16:11. AdreN made the biggest number of frags, by the end of the map he had 26 kills on his account.

On Mirage our team was fast to feel the game on T side, stopped PRIDE's chain of roubds. Gambit didn't let initiative go not taking into account the first rounds of each half, where PRIDE succeeded to realize their force buys. The Polish team was close to come back but Gambit snatched the victory 16:14.