Three weeks in a row eight teams took part in the Regular Season of ECS S3 EU Development League. In BO2 matches Gambit, Rogue, PRIDE, Kinguin, FlipSid3, Space Soldiers, Tengri and North tried to figure out the strongest to get the opportunity to fight with fnatic and for getting to the third season ECS.

The beginning of the confrontations among the teams for our guys wasn't that successful as we could expect, top 1 Turkish squad shut down Gambit on two maps. However, our guys didn't feel like give in further so they pulled themselves together and played the next match with Polish Kinguin in a draw and then edged out Rogue. After the first victory the second defeat waited for us. In the principal for Gambit meeting with North, the guys wanted to take revenge for the loss at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas, and North wanted to underpin themselves in the tournament table and rejoice themselves with the victory. As the result the Danish team went out from the meeting 2-0 on maps. We managed to get three points for the victory over CIS squad FlipSid3. The meeting with HObbit's ex-teammates finished with the standard result, each team won its pick and that was it. We managed to finish our participating in the tournament beautifully with the meeting with PRIDE. The guys went over the Polish squad on two maps.

That meeting was final for our guys' taking part at ECS S3 Development League. Out of 7 matches we got 11 points which wasn't enough for getting to the promotion tournament. There are still a lot of championships ahead, where Gambit will show themselves! It will be April when the guys will have the opportunity not only to show themselves in the Regular Season of ESEA Premier Season 24 but also at LANs: DreamHack Open Austin, cs_summit and SL i-League StarSeries Season 3!