Our guys will play their first ECS S4 EU Development League match against North right from Mykonos. A victory over the Danes will not signify a good start to the qualifier, but also will allow us to avenge ourselves for a loss at DreamHack Masters.

In our debut match we'll face the team we lost our last official match to. In the semifinal of DreamHack Masters Malmö we weren't able to overcome the Danes (15:19 on Train; 6:16 on Cobblestone). North seem to have benefited from the addition of valde, who replaced Magisk. The Danes managed to get the second place in Sweden and climbed to the fourth place in HLTV ranking.

Don't miss this crucial encounter and Gambit's first game at ECS S4 EU Development League today at 18:00 CEST.

Kazakhstan Gambit: AdreN, fitch, mou, HObbit, Dosia
Dania North: 
cajunb, k0nfig, MSL, aizy, valde