Today was the first time for Gambit and Tengri to meet each other with their updated lineups. The meeting was at ECS S3 EU Development League, and the match took place on Overpass and Cobblestone. Gambit started off successfully on their opponent's pick. Despite the opponent's victory in the first weapon round and their attempt to catch up with us, still that was our guys, who snatched the advantage. They finished the first half though with a little but still with the advantage of one round! After the sides switch Gambit failed to go on with the same positive tendency. Tengri won the chain of rounds and took over Overpass 16:10!

On Cobblestone both teams showed an equal game. The players of both teams kept one foot in step, won the rounds one by one and for a couple of times during the match evened the score. However, having played for CT side, Tengri showed less resistance and our guys won the match. We edged out the opponent on Cobblestone 16:12!