After the match of the Regular Season at ESEA Premier Season 24 our guys met Kinguin at ECS S3 EU Development League. The strongest team had to be defined on Cobblestone and Overpass. On Cobblestone Gambit was quick to take over the initiative. Kinguin managed to resist only in four rounds during the first half, as the result the score before the side switch was 11:4! The situation was just the same in the second half of the match. Gambit didn't give up their positions and finished the game on Cobblestone with double advantage - 16:8!

On the opponent's pick the guys started quite confidently, the rival opened the score only in the 6th round. Further the opponents were getting closer to each other, giving no chance to either team to get several rounds in a row and after that the first half ended 8:7 in your favor. The side switch didn't change the situation and both teams could't take over the advantage but the chance for us finishing the meeting 2:0 was quite big. With the score 13:10 (in our favor) and an eco round from Kinguin, Gambit made a mistake, which cost us a won map. Polish team outperformed us on Overpass 16:14.