Today at ECS S3 EU Development League our guys will compete with a Kazakh team Tengri. At the tournament  these guys have so far acquired one defeat and three draws out of four matches. At the moment Gambit has two victories, two defeats and one draw on their account.

Tengri is a young team, which has announced itself recently. Gambit first met Tengri at the Kazakhs' debut LAN at Adrenalin Cyber League. Back then Gambit performed with their outdated roster and a young talent HObbit played for the Kazakhs. Tengri got sonic instead of Abay and two more players were substituted with SNk and pachanga. Today the teams will meet with their new line-ups and for HObbit his ex-teammates will become the opponents. Don't miss the confrontation of the legends of Kazakh CS, AdreN and his team and the young talented representers of Asian stage, Tengri. The match will take place at 17:00 CET!