Today at ECS S3 EU Development League our guys fought with North. Confrontation with the Danes took place on Inferno and Cache. Despite our opponent having had the advantage in the beginning of the first match, our guys managed to keep up with North and before the sides switch by the end of the first half out-rushed. Unfortunately Gambit couldn't keep their line for defense. After the sides were switched, the guys couldn't break the chain of taken by the Danes rounds and gave Inferno in to the opponents 16:9.

On Cache Gambit experienced the same situation as on the first map. It was difficult to cope with the opponent's domination and the number of their taken rounds but our guys managed to break the Danes' series. Yet there was hope for guys to make a comeback but they lost the economical round of the rivals when there was no space for a mistake. Unfortunately, Gambit lost Cache 16-8.