Today within the qualifiers for ECS Season 3 our guys met with Danes from Rogue. In that bo2 match they competed on Nuke and Train. On the first map the teams for a long time couldn't take over the advantage so several times per the game the score was equal. Despite the Danes having kept up with Gambit, our guys managed to finish the first half in their favor on the weak side - 9:6! Next, the intrigue was kept till the last rounds, but the guys managed to put an end in the match: Nuke was taken over 16:13!

On their own pick Rogue could fight Gambit weaker than on our pick! Gambit performed well on Train. In the first half of the match the guys allowed the opponents take only three rounds and ended it with 12 won rounds. For the next side Gambit didn't have to play long, we didn't let go of a single round, so we ended Train with the score 16:3! The youngest player of our team succeeded in his aim, on two maps HObbit made 60 frags with only 22 deaths!