After the victory over OpTic Gaming in the group stage at DreamHack Winter, Kazakhstan Abay "HObbit" Khassenov was interviewed by HLTV. In the interview he delved into leaving Kazakhstan Tengri and joining Sng Gambit, defeating OpTic and the upcoming match against Avstralia Renegades.

Abay told that Tengri was his very first team and they somehow influenced his following development and joining Gambit. He emphasized that the players from Tengri are his friends, including his best friend, Kazakhstan fitch, and "we are always playing together", – Abay shares. The offer to join Gambit came out from Kazakhstan AdreN and Abay agreed immediately, following his dream to participate at the big tournaments and the Major. He also added that AdreN and Kazakhstan mou are "the best players in Kazakhstan".

The player also dwelled on the topic of Gambit's current location, mentioning about moving from Saint Petersburg and living and practicing in a gaming house in Kiev now.

Of course not without discussing the tournament itself. Abay told about their match against OpTic. They watched the opponent's demos on Cobble and Train and they were quite confident they would play on either of these maps. Though it wasn’t the same with Renegades. "We actually didn’t prepare because we thought it was going to be Cloud9", – Abay tells.

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