After Abay "HObbit" Khasenov got his MVP award in DreamHack Winter 2016 he was interviewed by HLTV. The player expatiated on the course of the final match, feelings about getting the award, following plans and expectations.

The first map of the game was Nuke which Abay felt quite confident on. He tells that the team was practicing the map. Though the team didn't think it would be that successful for them. The match continued on the strongest for the squad map, Cobble. Abay specifies they have a lot of strategies on this map. "Zeus feels really good on Cobble, that's why it's our best map right now", – Abay adds. So this map was taken by Gambit as well.

"I'm in shock right now, I have no words", – Abay's moving to the topic of the award. He thought mou gonna get it as he did a lot of important frags during the match. Abay tells that the award was his dream. He finished by sharing future plans. There is no time to relax as the guys are to prepare for the Major so they will focus on practicing and there is a lot of work to be done as they come to a boot camp.