Sng Gambit’s victory is an outcome of Swedish tournament: we overplay the opponent and become the champions of DreamHack Winter 2016!

Fight for the cup started off with the opponent’s pick, map Nuke. With the match beginning our guys smashed their opponents. Having played the first part as forward, Gambit allowed the opponents to take not more than three rounds. The second part wasn’t that successful but despite the opponent’s resistance we finished the job and overplayed Renegades with the score 16:12!

Already illustrious Cobblestone became the winning map for our guys! The day off was not for nothing for the Australians, so they for sure didn’t seem weak on this map and showed efficient resistance. However, that was us who overtook the pace of the game and got the victory over the knockout of DreamHack Winter, the five of Avstralia Renegades, with the score 16:10!