On January 9 Gambit CS:GO won the closed qualifier for USA DreamHack Las Vegas. The squad got to be one of sixteen participants of the competition with the prize fund of $450,000. The tournament will be held in the gambling capital from 15 to 19 February.

Dania Astralis, USA Cloud9, Shvecia NiP, Sng Natus Vincere,
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At the closed qualifier Gambit got to face one of the strongest opponents from Norway. Opposition with the Norse began with their pick - Overpass. First rounds were played on par but then our guys managed to keep it under their control. Dosia prevailed greatly over the rivals. The rounds were full with triple kills from Mikhail, many times the player distinguished himself with double kills. In dangerous situations our guys outplayed their less experienced opponent. Aforementioned aimer put the great end in the match, having knifed his opponent and with the score 16:10 took the rivals' pick.

The match went on to Mirage. The Norse tried their best to make it to Cache but failed. This time the fighting was more dynamic, the teams one by one won rounds, not allowing each other to jump ahead. And only when the score was 10:10 our guys managed to break through, they took over 6 rounds in a row, having finished the match with the score 2:0.

The second opponent turned a bit surprising for us. According to the Shvecia GODSENT vs Polsha PRIDE match results Gambit got the Poles as their opponents. We met this team recently at Francia ESWC 2016 and then they failed to outperform Gambit. Picks and bans were spontaneous as well: the opponents chose the map, which is one of the strongest for Gambit. Cobblestone turned out to be completely one-sided. Only in the eleventh round the rivals could win their first round but that didn't give them the chance to lead the match: we won over PRIDE - 16:5. Our youngest player had an outstanding performance: Kazakhstan HObbit managed to find 26 frags!

Till the end of the match the intrigue was kept by the teams on Overpass. Primarily the opponents were in the lead, however, our guys didn't give the victory go easily. We tried to bring it to overtime, but unfortunately that didn't work out. With the score of 14:16 our rivals allowed for the third map to take place.

Dust2 was to determine, who will book the trip to Las Vegas. First rounds of the third map were remarkable with AdreN's resolute performance, he not only helped to took over the first  pistol round, but also made quadra kill in one of the following rounds. That was only the sixth round when the Poles were able to credit the first one on their account, however, we only had a three-round lead upon the conclusion of the first half. After the sides were shifted, PRIDE's situation left much to be desired: our guys won 7 rounds in a row and finished this BO3 opposition with the score 16:6. Gambit took over both Norse and the Polish roster PRIDE, thus having provided themselves with the place at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017. The opposition of the top teams in the world in the gambling capital promises to be exciting!