From the Swedish tournament the guys returned as the winners! Championship in DreamHack Winter 2016 is added to the list of our achievements. In these three days our guys not only managed to overplay North American top teams, home team of DreamHack and get even with Australian guys but also to have a great time there.


Победа!!! УРА! Всем спасибо кто болел!!

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Victory!!! HOOORAY! Thank you for your support!

The guys trip wasn't without adventures. The team's flight was arranged by Lufthansa airline but unexpected pilots' strike prevented a lot of flights. We were to search an alternative. Despite the challenges Sng Gambit squad managed to get to the destination!


On our way to Sweden. Wish us luck! #gambitcsgo #DHW16 #team #csgo #dreamteam #awesome #trip

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The championship is undoubtedly a special one with its 20-year-old history. The guys fully appreciated the LAN-party as apart from the big center "Elmia" being the tournament location, everyone can even buy a personal place, bring the computer and be in Jönköping Esports squeeze around the clock.

"DreamHack really is a cool tournament, – Kazakhstan Abay "HObbit" Khassenov tells. – It's my first championship of such an importance. I like the scene and all the conditions the players are provided with. 240Hz screens are just super. The atmosphere is cool: everyone sits and spends time in the own way. And I have never seen so many computers in one place!"

Firstly the guys recharged their batteries after a difficult flight and gathered strength before the first opposition with the North American team  OpTic. Abay turned out to be a real gourmet of Swedish sceneries: "Although we can't walk a lot taking into account our schedule, it's difficult not to notice the outstanding beauty of the nature, and the city is awesome as well".


Sweden Nature #DHW16

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The first day for us was marked by the only loss to Avstralia Renegades. They managed to surprise everyone: on their way to the opposition with Gambit the Australians overplayed the favorites Cloud9. Right after the defeat Rossia Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov shared his opinion of what had happened: "We didn't underestimate the opponent for sure, as there are no weak teams. We just couldn't catch our game while playing on T side and wherein lost both pistol rounds. Now each team can overplay everyone and there is nothing shocking the Australians did, they just occurred to be stronger the first day. Let's see what comes next, I hope we will be able to show our game and efficient CS". As for Ukraina Daniil Teslenko, he cheered his fans as always and announced that "in case something goes wrong, we know well where the cup is placed".



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The second day was never easier for us. Gambit was to play Decider match with Cloud9, which is a top 6 team according to the HLTV team ranking. However, it didn't frighten the guys, as they unlike USA n0thing, who confused the representatives of Gambit, did know who they have a meeting with. "The moral component is very important for such kind of meetings, - Kazakhstan Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev shares. – You mustn't falter during the crucial moment. And each of us tune into the game in our own way". After the victory over Cloud9 Kazakhstan Rustem Telepov told how they managed to overplay the opponent with such a great score: "We were ready to overplay them, but at the same time we understood that it would be hard on their pick. However, two of our strong maps were left and we knew there we are almighty!" Satisfied with the results the guys went to rest and prepare for the third day.


Me and n0thing more #dhw16 #gambit #csgo #dreamhackwinter

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Then it was the time of a worrying semifinal against Shvecia GODSENT and an unbelievable takeover on the decisive map, from the score 5:13 our guys as the defense made it to 16:13, simply smashing the Swedish opposition. The squads felt kind of déjà vu in the tournament final. When it came to the main opposition of DreamHack Winter we met again with the Renegades. This time we showed our CS, having become the leaders with the score 2:0 on maps! “Even after the victory on the opponent's pick you must stay alert, - Dauren tells. – As there is a chance you make a pick for their map!” But our AWPer was absolutely sure right after the first map that the outcome of the match will be positive for us: "As soon as we took Nuke, I was one hundred percent sure that the victory was in our pocket!" The last day wasn't without a surprise. Our squad's aimer Abay Khassenov was said to be the most valuable player of the tournament. In the interview for HLTV HObbit told that he didn't expect to get the medal: "I'm in shock right now, I have no words. I was thinking it was going to be mou. He did a lot of important frags. Actually, this was my dream, to be an MVP of a big tournament. I don't know what to say, I have no words."


I'm so fucking happy!!! We won @dreamhack So proud of the team! We deserve it! @gambitesports

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These were the events, DreamHack Winter 2016 was accompanied with. As our players landed at Borispol, they were pleasantly surprised with the fans meeting them at the airport! 


Meeting the champs as they arrive home! #gambitcsgo #DHW16

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Encouraged by the success our guys are already back to the training camp and ready to work on for reaching new tops!