Prize pool distribution:
1 Cis Gambit - $50,000
2 Brazilia Immortals - $20,000
3-4 Dania Heroic & Francia G2  - $10,000
5-6   Europe HellRaisers, USA Cloud9 $3,000
7-8 Brazilia Luminosity, USA Liquid - $2,000

To get to the grand finals Gambit fought G2. The confrontation began on Nuke. On the pick of the French Gambit at once showed that this meeting won’t be an easy one: we broke away 6:1, but G2 managed to catch up and led 1 round by the end of the first half. A serious struggle unfolded after the side switch: the teams evened the score 5 times. Overtime was to decide which roster takes this map in its active. The squads played three series but Gambit failed to take down the opponent on Nuke - 25:22 in G2’s favor!

Our guys’ comeback on Train was just brilliant. The French were moving things from the very beginning and were leading 10:5 by the end of the first half. It seemed like G2 were close to the 2:0 victory, however, our guys played perfectly for CT side: they took 11 rounds and let the opponent take only 2. Finally, 16:12 and the third map!

The decisive confrontation took place on Cobblestone. In the beginning of the first half Gambit went ahead of their opponent, but couldn’t fully control the flow of the game, the French were stepping on their heels. Playing for T side we made it one round ahead. After the side switch G2 were the leaders and needed 2 rounds to win but ‘dream team’ couldn’t prevent Gambit’s comeback. We won Cobblestone 16:14!

Having acquired a difficult and outstanding victory (2:1), the guys got the chance to fight with Immortals for the champion’s title in the grand finals of DreamHack Austin!

The first map occurred to be our guys’ pick, the map we’ve already won in the previous bo3 - Train. It was hard to determine the leader in the beginning as again the battle was equal, and the first half score represented the taken rounds of both teams: 8:7 in the Brazilians’ favor. Yet playing for CT side Gambit showed double advantage and the equal fight in the beginning turned into our confident 16:12 victory on Train!

Top 2 Brazilian team chose Inferno. It was us who managed to perform successfully on Immortals’ pick in the first half: the guys showed strong defence, which the Brazilians failed to confront. We were leading 9:1, but Immortals pulled themselves together and by the end of the first half decreased the gap to 9:6. For T side again did our guys get double advantage over the opponent; the Brazilians even tried to comeback but that was another attempt Gambit brought to naught. Inferno was finished with our 16:12 victory. Having taken down Immortals 2:0 in the grand finals, Gambit acquired the champion’s title at DH Austin! The title of MVP of the championship came to Mikhail “Dosia” Stolyarov, who had the highest impact in playoffs!