In the match for qualifying for the playoff in DreamHack Winter tournament Sng Gambit CS:GO squad was confronted by the ranked 6th in the world USA Cloud9 squad.

Our team held the opponent’s pick just great at first, but then the squad gave in to Americans’ pistol round and allowed them to take the initiative. Step by step Cloud9 was proving that they chose Mirage not for nothing, just outaiming our guys. The first half ended with score 5:10, but further the offense just died out. Our team managed to take only one round, yielding the map to Cloud9 with a great disadvantage – 16:6.

Cobblestone started off with the great Gambit’s defense. The first time when our team allowed the opponent to win was just over score 0:9. Shocked by such a course of the fight Cloud9 could win only 2 rounds and gave the map away, having taken the match to the decisive confrontation on Dust 2.

HObbit started the last map brilliantly, having made an ace in a pistol round. After that our guys smashed the opponent, bringing the score to 9:1. Cloud9 recovered a bit, but HObbit used the AWP perfectly well, and the team finished the first part with the confident advantage 11:4. With the second pistol round won, Gambit could break away. Though opponents did take a row of rounds but still it wasn’t enough to hold the match even to overtime – 16:11 in favor of Gambit.

On Saturday Gambit meets Shvecia GODSENT in the semi-final of DreamHack Winter 2016. The match starts approximately at 2pm CET.