The last day in DreamHack Winter started for our guys with the fight for advancing to the finals with Shvecia GODSENT squad. Pick and bans came out as a surprise as against all the opponents GODSENT crossed Cobblestone out while with Sng Gambit they decided to try their luck on this map.

Our guys showed their superiority on this map, having overplayed their opponents confidently with the score 16:5. In the second match all the devoted Gambit fans strongly believed there would be comeback but it never happened. They lost the opponent's pick, Swedish guys took Train, having overplayed our guys with the score 8:16.

The showdown was taken further on the third map. The game on Overpass started not that smoothly, we lost some rounds in a row to our opponents. But Gambit put themselves together just in time and grabbed the third map with an eleven-round comeback, thereby snatching the chance to play in the tournament final!

We are one match away from the championship in DreamHack Winter. Now Gambit has a chance to take revenge on Avstralia Renegades for humiliating defeat in the first day and add to their list of victories the champion title in DreamHack Winter. Watch the final of the tournament and support the five of Gambit. The cup is within our reach!