From 30 August to 3 September Gambit will try to conquer another DreamHack trophy. At the end of this summer Gambit will for the first time visit Swedish city Malmo, where our team will fight for the champion's title of the prestigious tournament and a prize pool of $250,000! Not all 16 teams got direct invites for the Swedish tournament: 3 teams had to fight through the qualifiers to get the right to take part in the championship.

As the result of the qualifiers the following teams are honored to join the invited teams: Renegades (North American qualifier winner), EnVyUs and mousesports (European qualifier winners)!

DreamHack Masters Malmö participants:
Cis Gambit, Europe FaZe, Dania Astralis, Avstralia Renegades, 
Dania North, Shvecia NiP, Brazilia SK, Cis Natus Vincere, 
Polsha, Shvecia fnatic, USA OpTic, Brazilia Immortals, 
Kitai B.O.O.T-d[S], Francia EnVyUs, Europe mousesports, Francia G2.