Today Gambit faced North in DreamHack Masters Malmö semifinal.

The match kicked off on Train, Gambit's map. We went 5:10 on T side, but pieced together seven rounds in a row on CT side, yet the Danes managed to put some rounds on the board and force overtime, where they picked up the momentum once again and prevailed over our team - 19:15. Having lost on Train we put ourselves in a difficult situation, since to force the decider map we had to overcome the Danes on Cobblestone. It turned out to be a tall order, as North showed close to no flaws on this map and closed out the series with a convincing 16:6.

Gambit's first tournament with a new line-up concludes with a 3rd place finish at DreamHack Masters Malmö. You won't have to wait for a long time till we are back in action, as we'll be participating at ESG Tour Mykonos on September 7 - 10.