Gambit will face NiP for a chance to advance to DreamHack Masters Malmö playoffs with a first place finish in Group C.

Both teams secured confident victories over their day one opponents: Gambit overcame mousesports on Train - 16:6, whereas NiP overpowered FaZe Clan on Nuke - 16:8. Lately NiP has been recovering from its poor form. Having replaced friberg with REZ the Swedes managed to win DreamHack Open Valencia and reach the quarterfinal stage of ESL One Cologne.

Gambit has never faced NiP so far. Today at 16:00 CEST our first encounter will take place with DreamHack Masters Malmö playoffs on the line. The loser of this match won't be eliminated, but will face FaZe tomorrow in the decider match.

Shvecia NiP: forest, GeT_RiGhT, Xizt, draken, REZ
Kazakhstan Gambit: AdreN, fitch, mou, HObbit, Dosia