After Sng Gambit qualified for the playoffs, having snatched the victory over USA Cloud9, Rossia Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov was interviewed by HLTV. During the interview Dosia spoke about the course of the match and the latest roster changes.

Dosia told that the first map got to be the complete advantage of the opponents and they knew Cloud9 was a strong rival on Mirage. Yet they tried their best but "the first map was totally theirs" – Dosia emphasizes. Though it was quite the reverse with the second map, where Gambit felt quite confidently.  "We felt like gods on the second map, so when it turned on, we showed that." – Dosia tells.

Switching to the issue of the latest roster changes, Dosia points that they got some new strategies and mixed both old and new views together. Speaking on about the team's views, Dosia mentions that it is not always about the winning but "losing and making the best out of it".

He specifies that there is no free time the squad can allow having, as they are a new team and they need to practice and play together as much as possible. Dosia finishes with explaining Kazakhstan AdreN being in a great form right now. Thus he specifies such reasons as a new lineup, new players, and new mood even, and also tells about setting some goals. The team set the goals for the next year and they definitely know what they want to reach. "Sometimes when you put specific goals you are playing better." – Dosia concludes.

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