Enjoy watching Gambit highlights? Enjoy playing CS:GO often doing something outstanding? Gambit Esports is planning to regularly make clips which will feature the greatest game moments performed not only by the players but also by their fans.

Follow these instructions if you want to see your frags on Gambit's YouTube channel:

1. Choose the demo of the most appealing moment (only GOTV-demos are accepted).

2. Find the needed round in the chosen demo and find out its "Tick" (Shift+F2 keyboard shortcut will help you), e.g. (19745).

3. Rename the demo file properly (in the format "nickname_tick_event"), e.g. (Player_18734_p2000ACE).

4. Add it to an archive and upload to any file sharing service (dropbox, dropmefiles, etc.).

5. Send via email kiddoedits[at]gmail.com the download link and don’t forget to specify your nickname and a detailed description of the moment

We are waiting for you demos. Don't lose the chance to show your game off in front of your friends!