It's high time to show the community how talented Gambit CS:GO fans are! We've released a video, which contains all the most impressive highlights from the fans of our team.

The first "Community montage" is full of your cool frags. The ace, Spyrox has made, took the 5th place. Dovv's 4K got him the 4th place. Fez won 1v5 clutch and got the honoured third place. Blink got silver for his great aim, and kntw got the first place for an ACE. flWzy0 and sky didn't leave us indifferent and managed to surprise us as well.

Thank you for pleasing us with your impressive game. We're waiting for your demos: make sure to send yours' and get the chance to be featured on Gambit's YouTube! The next "Community montage" will be made after ELEAGUE Major, so don't lose the opportunity to boast of your skills to your friends. The detailed information concerning the requirements for the demos may be found here.