With two days left before an annual tournament, captain of Gambit CS:GO team Daniil Teslenko told us about his victories at Electronic Sports World Cup and features of this championship.

"The victory at ESWC in 2010 means a lot, because it is considered as our second world championship title. To be honest, winning this tournament meant much more back then than it is now. But in general ESWC is a tournament within an interesting exhibition, which also holds presentations of various informational technologies and other cool stuff.

In 2010 we barely made it to playoffs. If we had lost one more round, we wouldn’t have advanced further. But after that we put ourselves together and managed to outplay the toughest teams that were there at the time. When you win, it’s an inexpressible feeling. In 2010 ESWC took place at Disneyland Paris, so you could not only play but also ride the rides and thus release the tension. During the CS:GO times I have also won ESWC in Canada. That was a cool event too. So I have quite a good experience of winning this tournament. See you soon, root for us!"