The year 2016 is coming to the end, and this year for sure went down in history of the Gambit Esports organization. We're starting off with the series of articles, where we will recall happy and sad moments, which took place this year regarding our squads. Today we will speak about January 2016, the month of Gambit CS:GO formation.

The new frontliner
Assembly of the CS:GO line-up became the first step towards our diversification. Back when our organization thought about lining up the League of Legends team which would perform at the CIS stage, CS:GO team was to become the new worldwide hallmark of Gambit Esports. That was the reason to assemble the five with vast experience and huge potential. Rossia Dosia, Rossia AdreN, Rossia mou, Rossia hooch and Finlyandia wayLander made the line-up of the promising team. From the very moment of assembly the guys have had the aim of getting to the top 10 of the strongest teams in the world.

The first online attempt
Right after the assembly the team was to take part in the qualifiers for IEM Katowice 2016. Having played confidently in the open qualifier, Sng Gambit CS:GO came to a stand one step from the LAN-final, since Bolgaria E-Frag turned out to be an obstacle.

The ice is broken
Our team's participation in the very first tournament gave us our first championship title. Having arrived to Belarus CIS Minor in Minsk as the favorite, Gambit CS:GO team made a confident step towards the qualifier for MLG Columbus Major, the first championship in the CS:GO history with the prize fund of $1,000,000. During the whole tournament we were defeated only on a single map.

Triumph and tragedy
Minor itself was memorable for polarizing performances. The Group Stage in Minsk gave us a brilliant map against Sng Rebels, 68 rounds and 4 overtimes (10-round format was played) on Cobblestone, the result came out as the victory with the score 36:32 and mou's 69 frags.

The only defeat will be remembered for a long time. On the first map in the semi-final against Rossia Method our guys showed great defense on Train (14:1), however while playing on T-side they failed to take over a single round (0:15).

Despite the shocking beginning, the guys managed to pull themselves together: they snatched the victory and in the final outclassed Rebels. Their confident play and the ability to cope with the tension helped Gambit to win the right to participate at Major qualifier.

Rustem's striking performance
That was when Rustem "mou" Telepov got his first MVP title under the banners of our organization. Apart from getting the best rating among all the tournament participants (1.32) our AWPer also forged in the number of kills per round (0.91), the difference in the damage done (+22.2), clutch rounds won (6), AWP kills per round (0.47) and much more.