Ever wonder what's the origin of Timon's hashtag? Andrei's manager explains, how and when he came up with it.

"We came up with this hashtag at ESWC 2016 in Paris. Andrei ended up in group of death and the odds of him advancing to the playoffs were slim given how players from Russia had historically performed at international events.

He ended up moving on to the next stage of the tournament with a second place finish in his group, even though he had held the first until the very last round. Timon was stopped one step away from the final - in the semifinal he lost to the eventual champion Francia Lucas "Daxe" Cullerier of PSG eSports.

Given Andrei's result in the past year: six first places, two second and one third - this hashtag is well deserved. It was influenced by ice hockey (Red Machine), it seemed appropriate at that time, since Timon was representing Russia at an international event."