From 10 to 13 October AdreN, mou and HObbit, as a part of mix Kazakhstan k23, had been to South Korea at WESG Asian finals. During the tournament guys experienced lots of memorable nuances, which added the emotional component to this exotic Counter Strike competition. We had a talk with Gambit players and found out what was remarkable about showdowns among Asian teams at their territory. 


Первое место на @wesgcom Asia! #wesgapacfinals спасибо всем кто болел!

Фото опубликовано Dauren Kystaubayev (@adrencsgo)

"First place at WESG APAC! Thanks to everyone who rooted for us!"

HObbit, the youngest of our sportsmen appreciated the beauty of Seoul and Goyang: "Impressions are great, the cities are huge, very picturesque and with its special for me atmosphere", but gustatory preferences of the locals are not his cup of tea: "An absolutely cool country. I like here everything but food. Sweet meat is nohow to be honest". Rustem and Dauren share their teammate’s excitement, they’ve already been to Korea earlier and the only thing they lacked there was the presence of dedicated Gambit fans. "I've always loved Korea. Generally speaking I'm after each Asian big city. The tournament was held half an hour out of Seoul, and we by the way lived in this city. The tournament was not that extensive but peculiar. It is a pity there were not many spectators, because usually spectators create a certain atmosphere of the championship", – AdreN.


Этому городу нужен казах

Фото опубликовано Dauren Kystaubayev (@adrencsgo)

"This city needs a Kazakh"


Вид из номера

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Apart from the matches, in their spare time the guys walked, viewed the surroundings of Seoul and even got to become the witnesses of the rallies for South Korean President resign. Dauren: "Frankly speaking, we were even a bit glad to see such an event, after all it is a historical moment and now we can say we were a part of it", and our team’s sniper Rustem compared such turn of events with the game terminology: "The rally had no influence on us but were the spectators".

"There’s a massive strike in Seoul due to President’s corruption :/ We arrived at the wrong time ) Though tomorrow we play in the finals and I am proud of our national team!"

Funny situations also took place, Abay shared one of those: "We experience only positive emotions. I was especially exhilarated with the story when we were given a Korean guide who understood no English at all. He was very friendly and amusing, explained everything with the help of gestures or called for other Korean people help".

The five of k23 went through the match days easily and confidently. They were quick to gain the championship pace and did not give it up till the end of the tournament. Kazakh team, which had three Gambit representatives, won at WESG 2016 Asia-Pacific Regional Finals without dropping a single map throughout the whole tournament! Right after getting the trophy the guys shared their thoughts: "Unplanned replacements did their best. We've expected our performance to be good but that good… It is both difficult and easy for mixes to perform at big LANs. On the one hand, you're mix and you've had limited time to practice together so any good team will outplay you in two twos, but on the other hand, you have nothing to lose and if in such tournament you're a mix and you are courageous the result may be the same that we've had. Rus and Abay showed a phenomenal game, Magzhan and Zhenya kept their game calm and stable, and me, cool as always. We still cannot fully understand why everything was so easy. Either the opponents were afraid or we played brilliantly. Maybe, both factors came into play. I’m glad! And the most important thing is that Kazakhstan has taken the first place in Asia!" – AdreN.

"The championship was easy but unpredictable for us, – mou tells. – The primary purpose was to get to WESG finals in China. We didn't expect such a result. I want to thank the organizers of the tournament, who made advances and permitted to make a replacement, also want to tell thank you to dreaM and fANTASTIKA for all the work done!"


We won Asia-Pacific final !!! 1 more trophy and MVP of the tournament, thank you all guys who support us! @wesgcom

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That was how three South Korean days passed. k23 got a lot of emotions, a deserved victory and got the place at WESG finals in Shanghai, where their teammate and the captain of the team Daniil Teslenko will play as a representative of Team Ukraine.