For the past five years I've been trying to celebrate The New Year with my family, parents and brothers at home. It's a family tradition to gather together. My brother is a professional sportsman, he plays football and we're often away, so such events as New Year bring us together. So we try to gather with our relatives around the table, after all the New Year is a family holiday. I can't remember celebrating the New Year at a tournament, but there used to be times when I celebrated this holiday in another city with players instead of my family. Guys came from different places: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, we rented a big flat, where the whole bunch of players spent the holidays. That was in 2006-2008, a great fun and that was cool, probably that was kind of a tradition but time passes, we're getting older and now everything is the other way.

Getting to the playoffs at the Major is the minimal target we set for ourselves. Would we like to win the tournament? Of course each team, coming to Major, wants it, it's the dream of each competitor, but the minimum target is to get to playoffs. The second task of 2017 is to get to top 5-10 in the world ranking. If you get to the top 5 you get invites to the tournaments, you're working more, travelling, training. Generally speaking, there are more opportunities. These are two main targets we're setting. One more intention is to play better. Plain and simple, this target is connected with the previous. If we reach it, we'll get to the top 5 and will win the tournaments. All in all, to play better, win more tournaments, be a strong team are the main points. I guess all the teams, who play at the professional level, set such goals, but it's the basis for moving forward and developing.