Fans meet singers after Eurovision, fans meet sportsmen after Olympic Games. Esports doesn't stay aside and the meeting prepared for our players at the airport didn't stand down! This Sunday, November 27 Gambit fans gathered to greet the team at Boryspil International Airport and personally congratulate the guys on their victory in DreamHack Winter 2016.

Few hours before heroes of the occasion arrived, arranged transport took all comers from "Kiev CyberSport Arena" to the place of destination. On the way fans' enthusiasm didn't fade, all the present competed actively for being named "the expert" of the team: for the right answer each one got a reward, a small souvenir from Gambit team. Apart from showing how well they know the team fans also displayed their artistic skills, they prepared posters for Gambit personally, leaving there the wishes for the team of five. Of course the cup presenting, autograph signings and taking selfies with the players took place as well.

What a surprise for the team it was when with their arrival they were not just met with a big round of applause and scansion of their names but also with chants like: "Кто шагает дружно в ряд? Наш Гамбитовский отряд!" (Translation: "Who does walk together abreast? Our Gambit squad!") – All the present shouted as one. There was the whole cultural program organized. The team with no doubts appreciates the fans' attention and thanks them for positive charge they shared. Such a greeting was a pleasant turn-up for our players. We're planning to arrange such entertaining events for our fans as often as possible. We thank everyone who took part in the meeting!

More photos from fan meeting.