Duncan "Thorin" Shields, famous analyst and Esports journalist, has published the new version of the strongest teams in the world of Counter-Strike. Duncan publishes his top 10 systematically, taking into account their results during the last three months.

Gambit has never had place in this ranking before, but this time took the seventh place. This is due to the victory at  Dreamhack Winter 2016 together with decent performance at ELEAGUE Major, where the team got to the quarterfinals. In his article, Thorin compares Zeus to the captain of FaZe, karrigan. That is because both of them are currently successfully presenting themselves in their new teams, displaying their leadership skills. "Zeus pulled a karrigan himself as he was kicked from his old team and found success with a new squad. Taking the upset-worthy but far from legitimately good Gambit side to the top eight of a major is big stuff. Gambit are light on tournaments played with this line-up and like-wise wins, as they have beaten a lot of tier two competition, but seventh place is a miracle when one considers how 2016 went for the squad."

Top-10 CS:GO-teams by Duncan "Thorin" Shields:
1) Dania Astralis
2) Polsha Virtus.pro
3) USA OpTic Gaming
4) Brazilia SK Gaming
5) Shvecia Ninjas in Pyjamas
6) Europe FaZe
7) Sng Gambit
8) Dania North
9) Shvecia fnatic
10) Sng Natus Vincere

Guys from Gambit intend to continue their way to the top of every possible ranking, and DreamHack Las Vegas will give them the brilliant opportunity to show themselves!