The end-year is marked by tough training schedule for the whole Esports community in anticipation of the main event in the Counter-Strike world. Gambit team isn't an exception, however, before Major we don't lose the opportunity to compete for participating in other tournaments as well.  

At the moment our team is waiting for the decision on the invites to USA DreamHack Masters Las Vegas, which will take place in February 2017. There 16 teams will fight for the prize fund of $450,000. Yesterday it was revealed that the qualifier that was supposed to happen on December 3 - 4 was rescheduled. The open qualifier commences on December 10. Gambit still has a chance to receive a direct invitation to the LAN finals in Vegas. In case we are not among the eight invited teams, we will take part in the closed qualifier on January 9.

The five of Gambit had to sacrifice one of the tournaments because of the stiff training schedule. It would be very problematic to combine the preparation process for USA ELEAGUE Major with the participation in Germania DreamHack Leipzig 2017, on January 13-15, in other words, a week before the most important event. Unfortunately, it is tough to unite the trainings with the participation in the tournament, moreover it is not easy to get visas both to the USA and to Europe simultaneously, that's why our team needed to give up on the idea to take part in DreamHack Leipzig 2017.

Our guys will spend the New Year holidays with their families: these days the guys will visit their relatives at home. The team will take a small break to spend some time with the close people, recharge their batteries to perform efficiently in Atlanta in ELEAGUE Major, on January 22 - 29.