Yesterday on 6th of September our Head Coach Kévin "Shaunz" Ghanbarzadeh conducted an AMA on Reddit. We suggest to get acquainted with his answers if you are interested in his outlook on our players, our performance in the Summer Split of LCS and his experience of coaching our team. Below you can find a preview of his AMA.

- How was your first LCS Split as a coach? Are your duties exhausting?
- Definitely awesome! Really exciting journey to be coaching such talented players. It is kinda exhausting because I need to be up a little be earlier to prepare pre-scrim sessions, also need to be 100% focus all the time. Always have work after the practice to prepare the day after, watch replays and things like this. Also I can not have a bad day because it saddens the playerss.

- what is it like working with diamondprox?
- It's awesome! I love his approach of the game and he is the one I was the closest to when talking about strategy and tactical aspect of the game. League of Legends became way more difficult compared to 3 years ago and his "instinct" was not enough to make him the best jungler in the world. We worked a lot together about leading the team as a jungler through each stages of the game and making the communication fluent and as a ritual. He was the "general" during the game.

- What are your expectations of the team regarding next split?
- My goal is to coach a team that will be 1st of EU LCS (or NA LCS). Gambit had the potential to win against Fnatic so it's likely that we can do well and prove that we are an ogre for the next split.

- Finally, I wanted to ask you if you -or other professionals- have considered replacing adc by other dps carries like Azir, Cass, Yasuo etc in the botlane? Maybe in combination with a tower pushing midlaners for example. With the laning phase being such a small aspect of the game, I am sure teams could figure out how to make this work.
- I'm totally not up for this I think having ADC is crucial in terms of getting Dragon/Nashor and dealing damage late-game. Yasuo can be possibility like Yasuo/Braum lane is pretty sick but this is it.