Gambit Weekly #28: Who was your first main in League of Legends?

Going into the fourth week of LCS EU Spring we shared the 6th place with Copenhagen Wolves and Roccat: 2 Wins and 4 Losses. Victory over Giants Gaming and loss to Unicorns of Love allowed us to retain the 6th place, but now we are in a sole possession of it: 3 Wins and 5 Losses.

LCS EU Summer Week Five:
Thursday, 20:00 CEST Rossia Gambit vs Ispania Origen
Friday, 18:00 CEST Rossia Gambit vs UK Fnatic

Shaunz on Giants: "Against Giants we felt confident because we were improving a lot for the past couple of weeks. Apart from small mistakes like giving up kills, we were dominating in all scenarios: Picks & Bans, rotations and objective control. I am happy with this performance."  

Shaunz on Unicorns: "The game against UoL was different. Our game plan was not optimal, therefore we had trouble doing anything on the map. We should have helped our bot lane even more to snowball and try to make more decisive TP plays. However, this was a good experience for us, since we faced difficulties we have not previously faced in scrims. Our immediate goal is to address these areas in our scrims this week."