Lucas is the second player on our team who was featured on "Ask The Pros". He was chosen by Nukeduck, who requested some tips on how to play full-AD Jarvan IV in the Top Lane.

Cabochard: First, you build all the attack damage items you can. Then press R on the enemy AD carry. Auto-attack him and it's one kill. Then you can dance on his body. Oh, and feel free to play Ignite.

Below you can find an abstract from this feature - you can read an entire piece here. Lucas has chosen his fellow Frenchman loulex to answer questions next: "Do your teammates understand your French-English accent?"

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Why did you choose to play top lane?
Cabochard: It was a while ago, but I think I chose it because it was a lot of 1 vs. 1 fights with Ignite. And the kind of champions played there really interested me.

Who contacted you to join Gambit and what was your reaction?
Cabochard: The first that came to me was Edward after the Ninjas in Pyjamas team had disbanded. We were playing duo queue quite often together and he asked me if I wanted to try to play in Gambit. I was really excited to be able to prove myself on the big stage.

Akihito: What top lane champion provides the most pressure for the enemy team?
I guess Hecarim is the hardest to handle at the moment. On top of the usual Teleport plays, there's the Homeguard buff, which is really powerful.