Weekly Recap #2

Cabochard: "I’m looking forward to face GE Tigers Smeb and CJ Entus Shy."
Betsy: "I think Diamondprox will deliver"
Diamond: "[Leviathan] taught us how to practice better and more efficiently"

Gambit Weekly #23: Which team are you looking forward to face the most at IEM World Championship in Katowice?

5:0 Group Stage at IEM Hanover 2013
8-game win streak in Spring 2013

Going into the last week we were on a 7-game win streak and were in a solo possession of a 4th spot: 7W-5L. Our loss to H2k Gaming put an end to our win streak, but our victory over Giants Gaming allowed us to retain our sole possession of a 4th spot: 8W-6L.

This week there is no LCS, since Gambit, TSM, C9 and SK are competing at IEM Katowice on March 13 – 15. Our first match against CJ Entus is on Friday at 17:40 CET. IEM Katowice Viewer's guide will be available on our web site tomorrow.

Jordan "Leviathan" Thwaites on H2k Gaming:
"Going into our H2k match we anticipated it would be the toughest of the ones we have played so far. We had prepared a strategy, but we had made an error during pick and ban and that forced us into playing one of our secondary compositions that wasn't exactly the style of play we needed for H2k. H2k executed the game well and they deserve the victory. We fell behind and didn't find the right time to fight back into the game and it cost us the match."

Jordan "Leviathan" Thwaites on Giants Gaming:
"Giants are at the lower part of the league, but we didn't want to overlook them as they've been winning a few games recently and have shown they can step up when they need to. Our draft was good in my opinion and the players executed the game plan well in the early and mid game. Our late was very reckless. The game was capable of being completed without giving Giants a way back into the game but we made some risky calls that I did not approve of and we will address that part of our game."

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