LCS EU Coverage Hub

LCS EU Spring'15 is a nine-week long competition (January 22nd – March 27th) that features ten teams from Europe. Competitors face each other twice in a best-of-one format. By the end of the regular part of the split six teams qualify for playoffs and compete for a prize pool as well as Championship Points that they must accrue to qualify for Season 5 Worlds. 10th place is automatically relegated and replaced by the 1st place Challenger team. 8th and 9th place will battle against 2nd and 3rd place Challenger teams to qualify for LCS EU Summer'15.

Tournament Format: Double Round Robin, BO1

Thursday, March 5th:
Germania MYM [1:0] Ispania Giants - Stats and VOD
UK H2k [1:0] Rossia Gambit - Stats and VOD
Dania Wolves [1:0] Europe Elements - Stats and VOD
Germania SK [1:0] UK Fnatic - Stats and VOD
Germania Roccat [1:0] Europe Unicorns - Stats and VOD

Friday, March 6th:
Germania SK [1:0] Germania Roccat - Stats and VOD
Europe Unicorns [1:0] Europe Elements - Stats and VOD
UK Fnatic [1:0] Germania MYM - Stats and VOD
UK H2k [1:0] Dania Wolves - Stats and VOD
Rossia Gambit [1:0] Ispania Giants - Stats and VOD