Gambit Weekly #22

Which team are you looking forward to face the most at IEM World Championship in Katowice?

P1noy: Looking forward to face any team, but the team that stands out to me is with no doubt GE Tigers. They are regarded as the strongest team in the LCK, they have some really great individual players and they are really working solid as a team.

Edward: I don't care what team I have to play, I just want to prepare well for the tournament and get the 1st place. That means we are going to play against all the best teams out there. That should be every participant's goal.

Diamond: I want to settle our rivalry with CJ Entus. All in all, we won more games than we lost against them, but they got a better of us when it mattered the most. Having said that, I respect all the teams attending this tournament.

Cabochard: I am really looking forward to play any team at IEM Katowice, since the overall level of competition will be really high. But more particularly CJ Entus and GE Tigers, since both teams have proven to provide high level of strategy and mechanics. Besides, Shy is a legend and Smeb is playing like a monster, so it's really exciting to go up against them.

Betsy: This may sound overly ambitious for a newcomer, but I want to challenge myself and go up against the strongest team in the world right now, that team being GE Tigers.