Yesterday our Top-Laner Lucas "Cabochard" Simon-Meslet conducted an AMA on Reddit. In this AMA he discussed a multitude of topics, including his champion pool, relationships within a team and our recent results. AMA turned out to be rather insightful – you can read it here, but below you can find a compilation of the most interesting questions and answers.

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mertaysal1: Hey Cabochard! Great to see GMB doing so well again! My question is, before becoming a pro player who did you look up to and why? Thank you for the AMA and best of luck!
Cabochard: At the very beginning, I was looking a lot on how HotShot was playing the game, then it was more about Soaz/Zoro in EU, Flame/Shy in Korea, and more recently Gogoing, he played pretty good at All-Stars but definitively showed up for worlds !

Thatguy69Kappa: Opinion on wickd compared to kev1n and was it a smart roster swap?
Cabochard: I think that wickd is a better player, but as he explained in his AMA it was more a move due to team atmosphere I believe, they're trying new things and in their situation I guess thats what they need to do, however replacing Wickd was not the roster swap I would have done.

StraightWhiteMaleAMA: What was the team atmosphere like when you started the split 0-5?
Cabochard: Our 2 first weeks we had tough opponents, plus no coach and no internet, then it was kinda obvious that we couldn't pull out super good results, so the team atmosphere wasn't so bad. Our thoughest lost was probably the one versus CW, we had a really good early game but then did nothing for a long time and they came back little by little, we did so many mistakes during that game, fortunetly we learned from it and now that we can really practice and the team atmosphere is really good.

SendorKlegani: Are you guys friends? Or are you all really pro about it, as in only playing together (doing your job) and not mixing personal stuff with it?
Cabochard: We're close to each other, however when its game time you need to separate personal and league stuff, and even if we're friends its more about being working partners when you're scrimming for example, if you wanna have fun either outside of the game or during some duoq / playing on other games.

Sulli23: What made you bring back the Kennen top? What sort of matchups do you look for to play him in?
Cabochard: I stole it from fredy, I think you can play Kennen into anything, plus he's quite strong in laneswap, thats why I feel he's so strong atm.

dagdrag: what teams do you think are top 3 in NA and EU?
Cabochard: SK GMB FNC H2K. TSM CLG and i'd love to say C9 but im unsure for 3rd place.

jasonsnyder: Do you think Cassiopeia will be played in LCS after her most recent nerfs? If not what do you think she needs to be viable in lcs play?
Cabochard: I think Cassio can still be played, either in midlane or toplane, the nerf was needed it separates the good Cassio from the great Cassios :).

ThoseThingsAreWeird: Why is nobody playing Annie top in pro play? What do you think of Annie top?
Cabochard: I wanted to play it at some point, she could maybe still work but I dont see many ways of playing the champions, most of the time its always to engage so its fine having Annie support already, toplane only brings more dmg/tankyness, and I think u can shut it down pretty hard in laneswap situation, however in 1V1 it should be powerful.

SendorKlegani: Do you prefer to take snowball champions and try to snowball lane or take weaker champs in early game and go for late game power and just try to stay even in lane?
Cabochard: I always prefer to snowball, if you snowball correctly even if the opponent is supposed to outscale you, with the advantage you took early on you can actually win him during all the game, until everyone get 6 items obv but it rarely gets to this point.

Gunvolty: How do you win lane when using Cassiopeia or Morgana, and do they fit well into the team comp?
Cabochard: With morg you wanna create pressure by pushing your opponent and then either do some q into w trades either bait him and his jungler to some 2V2 that you should be able to win. Cassiopeia kinda the same you got one of the best 1V1 in the game, and if you manage your mana well, with good vision you create a ton of presure. So once you know very well your limits on those 2 champions you really can do a lot, + the tp plays are really powerful, but they require a lot of practice to be actually good. In team you can even do more, with morgana your 1V2 is insane, you can almost always have a good farm with her, and with cassio you want to 2V2 with your support against ennemy botlane, unless they play some annie graves you can almost always win the matchups.

JesusLovesJalapenos: You have the highest KDA of all toplaners in Europe this season, Who do you think is the best toplaner in the region and why?
Cabochard: I think its between Fredy and me, with Odoamne very slightly behind, then Huni and Czazi are pretty good too, but I think us 3 got better laning phase and rotations than them, plus doing a better job in laneswapping. Youngbuck is also stepping up his game. I'm looking forward to play against every toplane in those IEM, there is a lot of very good teams with really strong players :).

Brokenshard7: What have you changed in how you see the game from the 1st time you played in LCS (Subbing for GMB) and now?
Cabochard: From London I've changed a lot how I see the game : how and when to TP properly, how to do the best agressions you could do in the laning phase, what to do in swaplane situation, how to handle 2V2 with your support, how to 1V2 vs ennemy botlane, when you can roam without having to use TP. Overall I've been way more dedicated towards the game and it made me be way better at it ;).

Zatokrev: Bonjour Cabo! So far in the LCS you've been more focused on playing carry/AP top laners as opposed to tank/bruisers. How do you feel about the current meta and how do you think it would work out if your team required you play the likes of Maokai-Mundo etc.
Cabochard: If its really needed I can play those champions, but like I dont feel on any of our game so far it would have been better, and im playing bruisers more than carries I think so far + the picks like morg can always go to a utility use. The picks like Mundo/Maokai almost only bring tankyness, where as Irelia Jax for example are less tanky but you can do much more with them, and if you still wanna get tanky I prefer a Renekton, with the early pressure you put you should have a good lategame tankyness, and still do some dmg/zoning.