Earlier today it was revealed that we are looking for a new mid-laner to replace Sebastian "niQ" Robak. In this statement we would like to clarify what was going on behind the scenes.

Over the weekend Sebastian realized that he requires a medical attention and has therefore travelled back home. He cannot take part in our current scrims and his participation in the upcoming week of LCS EU Spring is not out of question as well. We hope that he can recover as soon as possible and will let him take as much time off as he needs before he can return to practicing with the rest of our team.

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Having said that, we must prepare for all possibilities, therefore we approached several players with a request to act as a temporary substitute, so the rest of the players on our team can resume scrimming in the absence of Sebastian. There is a chance we might need to use a temporary substitute in the official games this week.

We will issue an update on this situation as soon as we know who will be our starting mid-laner in the upcoming games against MYM and Fnatic. The nature of Sebastian's health issues does not appear to be severe, therefore we expect a quick recovery and his return to competitive play after a medical examination.