During our stay in Cologne, our support player Edward "Edward" Abgaryan was interviewed by Adel "Hype Algerian" Chouadria. In this interview Edward talks about the problems our team faced in regards to participation at LCS, explains the thought process behind recruiting niQ, Cabochard and P1noy, and sheds light on our preparation for IEM Cologne. Below yo can find an abstract from this interview.

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- From what I heard, Diamondprox and you hand-picked Cabochard. Can you let me know what led you to lead gambit to trying him out?
Edward: It was more about the fact that we were in a situation where we needed to find a top laner after Kubon left. I was playing solo queue at the time, and I was meeting Cabochard often [in game] – every second or third game. I started duo-queueing with him, and I found that he was a very good player. When the team decided we needed to find a good top laner to compete in the LCS, I told them that we could get him. We tried him out, and we got him.

- As far as IEM Cologne is concerned, how did you prepare? What teams did you play against [during the preparation stage]?
Edward: We tried to find scrims with LCS teams, because it is more helpful than playing against Challenger teams, besides H2k. H2k was at a higher level than they could have been. We played mainly against H2k and other LCS teams outside of Alliance, because Alliance went to NA [EN: IEM San Jose].

- How do you think the LCS Coaching rules will impact Gambit Gaming, to have someone guide them through picks and bans and other game matters?
I think Gambit needs a coach not [just] for picks and bans; Gambit needs a coach for the overall [game,] so we can be prepared in-game. Having the sixth guy who is going to work on [scouting] the opponents much more, watching their games and maybe even seeing weaknesses that we can take to our advantage. That’s where coaches can help, not just picks and bans.
Teams come with picks and bans already prepared most of the time. It’s not going to make a difference there.