As we have mentioned in our previous statement, we are looking to put two our players, Diamond and Darien, to a substitute position and to replace them with two other players. Our only concern was, whether we can find eligible substitutes. Having considered all our options, we decided to recruit Jakub "Kubon" Turewicz and Jean-Victor "loulex" Burgevin to play for us during the 8th week of the Summer Split. The decision, whether they will remain in our starting line-up after this stage, will be made after we conclude our games against Supa Hot Crew and Copenhagen Wolves.

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To be clear, both Diamond and Darien remain in our organization at least until the end of this competitive circuit and both of them have a chance to return to our starting line-up. Since many of you are questioning this move, we would like to state one of the main reasons why we went through with this change. Diamond and Darien weren’t committed enough to improving our team synergy, and it was hard for our analyst to reach out to them to affect their play and in-game decisions. We aim to remedy this problem by trying out players, who are more motivated to achieve higher results.