Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov:
"To be fair I got no ideas what to say and how to start. I had to write something long time ago but I didn’t. There is no clear reason of this. That wan’t laziness or I never got around to it. I was just trying to concentrate on my game expecting this to help me to resile and to help my team.

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You know, some people say that a bad times are always followed by good times. If I was an optimist I would probably think in the same way. But I am realist and I’m not at ease at this moment. I am making a huge effort and spend all my free time training, only once in a while taking break and meeting with my relatives. I would be glad to become a cyborg and to never take a break from League, but I'm a human. And when the effort doesn’t match with results It’s incredibly difficult not to show your real feelings. Especially when you get scold. Luckily, long time ago I've realised that there is one important thing that every player, who want to reach the success in the game, should learn to - never fly off the handle, whatever happens.

Do not think that I don’t care on what you think of me. I usually read a lot of feedback about our games. For some people who loves me, from the King of the Jungle I turned into dissapointment. I could blame jungle meta, or my team, or you, or myself. But I won’t. I will keep calm and stay training more, because I need it, my team need it and I don’t want you to irrevocably lose faith in me.

Now I feel devastated and there is nothing to add to my words. Don’t take offensive my long-time silence. That doesn't mean that I don't care.

P.s. I like new patch changes. It’s making a good impression and not letting my hope to fade. I think I will tell you my opinion more closely soon."