LCS EU Summer is an eleven-week long competition (May 20th - July 31st) featuring eight teams from Europe. Over the course of this period every team will face each other four times: 4x Round Robin, so every team is going to play a total of 28 games. Top 6 teams by the end of the split qualify for playoffs. Most of the matches are played in Cologne, Germany at MMC Studios. Address: Am Coloneum, Studio 35.

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Thursday, June 26h:
Europe Fnatic [1:0] Denmark Wolves - VOD
Europe Alliance [1:0] France Millenium - VOD
Russia Gambit [1:0] Europe SHC - VOD
Germany SK [1:0] Poland Roccat - VOD

Friday, June 27th:
Europe Alliance [1:0] Poland Roccat - VOD
France Millenium [1:0] Germany SK - VOD
Europe SHC [1:0] Europe Fnatic - VOD
Denmark Wolves [1:0] Russia Gambit - VOD