Sebastian "niQ" Robak is going to be our stand-in for a mid lane position at the first week of LCS Summer (May 20th - 22nd). At the moment Sebastian is one of the top players at EU West. He has played competitively for a variety of Polish teams, and amongst his former teammates there were the current players of Roccat. With one of these teams, Denial eSports, he made it to LCS EU Summer Promotion, where they lost to Copenhagen Wolves.

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We began searching for a new player from the day following Alex Ich expressing his desire to leave our roster. Throughout this time we tested a variety of  players from CIS and Europe. We were primarily testing Russian speaking players, since we wanted to avoid having a language barrier. Due to Diamond's participation at All-Star tournament in Paris, we had to postpone testing European players until his return from the tournament.

niQ is going to perform for us at the first stage of LCS Summer, since potential candidates from CIS didn't have a chance to acquire a visa for a trip to Germany on a short notice. We will make a decision whether niQ will become a permanent player, or whether we will resuming searching for a new one, after completing the first four official matches.

Statement by Sebastian "niQ" Robak:
"I feel very grateful to Gambit Gaming for choosing me amongst all others great mid laners to assist them in the beginning of this split. LCS Summer split is very important because it determines which teams will go to the biggest and most valued tournament, which is of course Season 4 World Championship.  Everyone willing to go there has to focus from the very beginning as every match is important. During the first week we will face very good teams, but I am aiming only for a victory. Also, our first opponents are Roccat - my former teammates and Gambit's rivals from the past split, so it is very important for me to play on my highest level. I will do everything I can not to disappoint the team and its fans. After all, how can Worlds be without Gambit?"