23 November 2021

TikTok challenge GGMOMENT

Together with our CS:GO roster we launched a TikTok challenge in which we invited the fans to post their «skinfull» gaming moment and win prizes from Gambit Esports and GGDROP.

The success of any challenge depends on several key points: simple rules, a memorable track, a bright style and, of course, prizes. And we have gathered them all in one project.

Simple rules

In the challenge, each Gambit player showed his skins and encouraged all followers to show their «skinful» moments, where they make power moves with beautiful skins.

Memorable track

Music is half the battle. And we won it with the help of a modern rap track about the successful success that comes with the skins from GGDDROP!

Bright style

The challenge shooting took place in a modern and stylish studio with the five CS:GO players, and there was a neon GGDROP sign in the scene. In addition to the main announcement, we have prepared a series of reminiscent video clips to maintain interest in the challenge.


Among those who had posted the videos, we selected the best, based on the opinion of the expert jury and players, to gift the Gambit Esports team merch, as well as exclusive prizes from the GGDROP partner.


In the period from October 22 to November 5, more than 850 participants took part in our TikTok challenge, the hashtag #ggmoment launched as part of the challenge went viral with more than 7.1 million views, and the number of views exceeded 8 millions.

Project team:

David Dashtoyan — Head of the Commercial Department MTS Esports (Gambit)
Evgeny Zvyagin — Creative Lead MTS Esports (Gambit)
Maxim Rudakov- Account Manager MTS Esports (Gambit)
Nikita Koroteev — Head of Media Gambit Esports
Dmitry Petrov — Art Director Gambit Esports
Maxim Shadov — Content Manager Gambit Esports
Elizaveta Yagla — Head of SMM GGDROP
Elena Korol — Head of Influence Marketing GGDROP
Nina Dyachenko — Support Manager Lead, Customer Service Manager GGDROP
Anatoly Glushchenko — TikTok Media Buyer GGDROP

7,1M+hashtag views

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