On the second day of Major Gambit will meet G2, who kicked off the tournament with the victory as well, having gone over Na'Vi.

French "dream team" is one of the favorites at Major and they quite deserved it as they're 4th ranked team on HLTV and almost at every LAN event they advance to playoffs: ESL Pro League Season 5 (1st place), DreamHack Tours (1st place), DreamHack Austin (3-4 place). At the former tournament our ways intermingled: we fought with them in Austin for advancing to the finals. That bo3 was outstanding: a couple of overtime series, close scores, comebacks; and yet we managed to snatch that victory away from G2 on two maps!

Today, on 17 July, Gambit will fight against G2 again, and the French team will try not only get closer to the playoffs of Major but also get even for the defeat at DH Austin. Don't miss the match, which takes place at 18:30 CEST!

Cis Gambit: Zeus, AdreN, HObbit, mou, Dosia
Francia G2: shox, kennyS, bodyy, apEX, NBK