Gambit came close to the battle for the title. Today the match of our guys against Astralis will decide which team will become one of the finalists of the Polish Major!

The Danish line-up was a surprise among the semifinalists, because in their quarterfinal match they were competing against one of the favourites. And in the group stage they lost one map to SK, who they had to fight with in ¼ of the tournament. But the Danes surprised and, despite the lull in their official performances before the Major, could perfectly show themselves in the first match of the playoff stage, where the favorites of the tournament, the aforementioned SK were sent home! Gambitt fin in a good mood to fight against the current Major champions and the top 3 team of the world: in the quarterfinals of the tournament we overcame our most important opponent who stopped us on the way to the trophy at the two previous Majors - fnatic.

Now we have to beat the Danish five in the first in the history of Gambit Major semifinal! At 16:30 CEST we are facing a fierce struggle of the teams for the opportunity to perform in the last fight of PGL Krakow Major. At stake is the exit to the final, so do not miss the match and support the Gambit team!

Cis Gambit: Zeus, AdreN, HObbit, mou, Dosia
Dania Astralis: device, dupreeh, Kjaerbye, Xyp9x, gla1ve