Our guys have only one step left to win the Major, with the team of Immortals confronting us.

Cis Gambit [2:1] Brazilia Immortals | 4:16 @ de_cobblestone; 16:11 @ de_train; 16:10 @ de_inferno

Immortals became the main sensation of the championship. This Brazilian team tried to qualify for Major five time - and all attempts failed. However, their way to the Polish Major was more successful: they took the second place in the NA minor and as one of the last snatched the slot for the main qualifier to PGL Krakow Major. In the playoffs of the championship they came out with three wins and two defeats from SK and Astralis. Gambit, in turn, before this final meeting prevailed over all the teams in the group and lost only one map to the Danes from Astralis in the semifinals of the tournament. The history of our confrontations with Immortals is small: we played with them only once, and the most interesting is that this meeting was also in the final of the championship. The teams challenged each other for the first place at the end of April at DreamHack Austin, and then we beat the Brazilians - 2:0!

Today we have to compete with Immortals in the finals, but this time not only the first place is at stake, but also the status of the strongest team in the world, the winner of the most prestigious tournament and $500,000! Gambit has one last step to make to the champion's title, do not miss the most important opposition of PGL Krakow Major, where it will be decided who will get the trophy. The last bo3 battle will take place at 17:30 CEST.

Playoffs format: Single Elimination, BO3.

Prize fund distribution:
1 place - $500,000, "Legend" status
2 place - $150,000, "Legend" status
3-4 Dania Astralis & Polsha Virtus.pro $70,000, "Legend" status
5-8 Shvecia fnatic, Brazilia SK, Germania BIG  - $35,000, "Legend" status
9-11 Francia G2, USA Cloud9 & Cis FlipSid3 - $8,750
12-14 Europe mousesports, Europe PENTA & Cis Natus Vincere - $8,750
15-16 Rossia Vega Squadron & Europe FaZe - $8,750